VOTE!!! The posts 

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Hello. Unfortunatley, Talia and Catrina’s posts have to be deleted. However, if more than 15 people say “No” it will not be deleted. For example, some people might want Talia and Catrina’s posts to be deleted, some people don’t. Talia can make a comment under this post and say that Catrina’s post should NOT be deleted. And Catrina could make a comment under this post and say that Talia’s post should NOT be deleted.

Scary Stories 

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This really brings the memories when my 3rd grade teacher read us scary stories when we were supposed to do social studies. It was really fun. Ok, this is like a contest and unlike a contest. I will pick the scariest story, but you don’t get any prize. Thanks bye.

Important message to you guys. 

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Remember, I don’t own your posts, all the stuff here are part of mine, but I down own Catrina’s and Talia’s posts. So it will be like your small blog. Yes you could post Votes, and Contests, and you get to pick the winner, not me. and yes, you could enter twice in a contest, except for the Change Hunt.

Talia’s post 

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Hey everyone! This is Talia’s post, to say thank you for making a post for me on her blog. Thanks Talia!

The change hunt 

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This is the hunt for changes. Hunt for any changes on my blog. Here’s one, but you can’t copy it. This blog’s name was Mai’s site, now it’s Mai’s blog. Join, and you might win. I’m going to disqualify myself too, I’m the person that makes changes so… yeah. This is the sign-up section, so the first 5 people to post a comment under this post will be in the contest. This is an elimination contest. And then, if you find something, you have to say ‘I found it!’, well, you have to type it in. you have to e-mail me where you found the change, and what changed and what it changed to. If you get it wrong, you will be eliminated. Every day until 4 days , there will be one change. So you have to go on everyday. If you choose to come here every day, you have to e-mail me 5 changes, and write a comment that says ‘I found it! and if you choose to come here on the last day, you have to type in ‘I found it ALL!’. Then, you have to e-mail me 4 changes. If I were you, I would come here at the last day. But I would like visitors every day… Good Luck! I mean it! My e-mail adress is [email protected] Thanks! bye!

Contest updates 

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Hello. Thank you for visiting my blog. As you all know, contests can’t last forever. Here are the dates of when the contests are going to be over

  • Nebi’s ‘D’ contest: February 2
  • Catrina’s recipe contest: January 15
  • Joke contest: January 15
  • Scary Stories: January 31

Catrina’s story corner will be deleted on February 2. But we will have a Vote on that. If there are more than 15 good stories or poems, it will be a permanent post. Same with The name in Japanese post. If more than 15 people wants their names to be written in Japanese, it will be a permanent post. Thank you so much, have a great day.

Catrina’s story corner 

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Hey everyone. As you all know, this is a post dedicated to Catrina. Here, you could post stories, poems and other fun things.

Do you want to see your name in japanese?? 

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Under this post, write your first name or last name or middle name. I don’t want other people to hunt you down and kill you or steal your identity. For a limited time only. Until January 15th.

Nebi’s ‘D’ contest. 

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Well, nebi, my friend, gets straight Ds. !! I’m just kidding Nebi! you get better grades than me. As!!! So, we have to make a sentence with a lot of ‘D’s. like, ‘A dude likes delicious doughnuts.’ something like that. This contest will go on until…. January 31. The prize for first is… a post, for 1 month. It’s easy, so I’m just going to put one prize.

Jokes contest! 

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Another contest coming your way! The Jokes contest! We will include the past jokes in the Jokes post and new ones. This contest will go on until January 15th. So go on! Post funny stories, jokes, and knock knock jokes! We will dedicate another contest for the top 3 winners! So please, please, please include your e-mail adress (if you have one. if you win, we, as in me, catrina and you, we will have to make the new contest together. Or else there will be no contest for you.), name, joke or the story, and what date it is (theday you post the comment!) Thank you!!

Catrina’s recipe contest 

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Hi Peoples!! here’s a really good contest. It’s called Catrina’s recipe contest!!!! Catrina, one of my BFFL (Best friends for life) posted a comment in the CCC (cool comment corner) about making a contest. Please put a comment under this post. Please include your name, the name of the recipe, the directions to make the recipe, and the materials you need to make it. If you want, you could include your e-mail adress so me and Catrina could e-mail you that you won. There will be 5  winners. We will pick the best five. (I kinda changed it to 5 :-P). It could be spicy, sweet, or sour or salty, but it has to be….. Delicious!!!


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Put comments about your favorite songs or your favorite song or the lyrics of your favorite song.

Hall of Fame and Happiness 

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This is the Hall of Fame and Happiness. Post good jpb’s or congrats.


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Any questions, ask me and I’ll answer it or somebody else will answer it. I’m not the kind of person you call “smart”… so I can’t be very scientific. The questions can’t be like this: What if the sky comes down? or What is a cat made of? something like those questions. I can’t answer research questions.

Food fight! 

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In the Food Fight category, you could learn different languages! :D